Best Looks at Chanel Haute Couture fw 2017/18

chanel haute couture fw 17 18 best looks cover  Best Looks: Chanel Haute Couture FW17/18

As expected, Chanel’s Haute Couture FW17/18 show was a spectacle in every way. Delightfully composed ensembles graced the oh-so French runway, in a show that was distinctively Chanel. Perhaps the scaled model of the Eiffel Tower would have been distracting for some, but stood in its central authoritative position with all it’s strength and glory, the tower commanded attention and became the marking symbol of memory for this season’s couture show.

Karl Lagerfeld on the show, “It’s a vision of a revived Parisian woman, it is all about cut, shapes, silhouettes.”

 Chanel Haute Couture FW 2017/18

Creative Director: Karl Lagerfeld

Show date: Tuesday 4 July 2017

Location: Grand Palais, Paris

Set: Parisian garden beneath a reconstructed Eiffel Tower illusively obscured by clouds.

Total looks: 64

Theme: Quintessentially Parisian. Reflection of brand’s heritage. Celebration and symbolism of Paris. Sense of solidarity.

Mood/Tone: Strong, empowering, matter-of-fact. Channeling the ambition of the Parisian spirit.

Colour palette: Blues, greens, oranges, purples, black, white. Traditional autumn winter tones.

Texture: Strength of tweed suiting, illusion of heavy weighted fabrics through the manipulation of lightweight fabrics.

Embellishment: Kept to a minimum, no room for frivolity this season.

Accessories: hats: A variation of the famous Coco Chanel boater hat styled with every look except the final bride. Shoes: black patent leather boots at either ankle or knee height, occasionally featuring lace decorative motifs in a vertical arrangement. Jewellery: statement oversized pearl studs on every model. Beaded bracelets referencing the bohemian Parisian style.

Silhouette: Classic shapes revived with exaggerated curvature. Sculptural elements featured in every look.




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