Friday Five: best tracks from Melodrama by Lorde

green-light-by-lordeToday was a special day in the music world. Lorde released her second album, Melodrama and it is really truly spectacular. I have been listening to this album on repeat all day today and can not get enough of it!

I am a Lorde fan from way back, and I’m so impressed with this series of impeccably masterful tracks. She evidently took time to produce quality music that is full of heart and truth. It’s eclectic, lyrically genius, textural, mysterious, heart wrenching, amusing, reflective, heartfelt, dark, bright and relatable all the same time. I didn’t think it was possible for one artist to have so many great moments in one place. Every track on the album has a genuine sense of depth, as if a direct channel to the depths of Lorde’s emotional maturity. Melodrama is truly a rollercoaster of emotions and musicality, but I’m so glad it exists. It’s on another level.

Life is better now since this album.

Here are my top five tracks from the album. Trust me when I say, it was a very difficult task to just pick five.

  1. Supercut
    This is the ninth of eleven tracks on the album and is the second longest track on the album with a running time of 4:37. I think this could easily be the next big Lorde radio hit. It’s my favourite track on the record for many reasons. It’s so well balanced between being a pop hit and being meaningful, lyrical and strong. Uniquely Lorde, the sounds come together to formulate this technically wonderful, heart wrenching composition. Supercut is anthem-like in the story telling of feelings associated with a fading relationship. The song gently diminishes into a calm and quiet moment of reflection.
  2. Sober
    Track number two on the record is entitled Coming in after Green Light, Sober follows suit with the uplifting pop vibes. I love this song. The bouncy intro is intriguing and sets the mood for this layered and entertaining musical journey.
  3. Liability (Reprise)
    At just 2:16 this is the shortest track on the record. I was nearly in tears listening to this. It’s so raw and real. If ever there was a song to contemplate the complexities of life, this is it. Lorde’s lower vocal range is utterly stunning to listen to and makes this song feel so very sensitive. The chord progression pulls at the heart strings certainly.
  4. The Louvre
    This song has my lyric of the year – “But we’re the greatest, They’ll hang us in the Louvre, down the back, but who cares still the Louvre.” Seeing that written out, it looks funny but when Lorde sings it, there is such a sense of achievement blended with subtle sarcasm all the while playing along with the overall theme of the excitement of a new love.  
  5. Homemade Dynamite
    This song for me is a reference to Lorde’s Pure Heroin style of songwriting; a mysterious opening leading into a catchy series of verses and an empowering chorus. It features Lorde’s trademark borderline rap/spoken word in a clarity that champions the role of the lyrics to the significance of this song. I find this track quite amusing in parts: it doesn’t take itself too seriously and with a mature sense of humour it carries purpose and meaning.


Thanks for reading!



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