Friday Five: instagram moments

Friday Five: Instagram Moments

This week I’ve decided to share my top five favourite Instagram posts from this week. Lately, I really love Instagram. At the moment it’s probably my favourite platform and I’m seriously enjoying the feed of accounts that I follow. Instagram stories have really taken off and I enjoy seeing what people are up to, wherever they may be. It’s become all about sharing experiences and moments, even if everything is amped up to look super glamorous and flawlessly perfect. I also love the fact that most people really take care to make their insta posts look great and tell a story.

Without even realizing it, I seem to have collected a few particular aesthetics and compositions in my ‘posts that I’ve liked’ list. Looking through the posts that I’ve liked was a very interesting activity. I subconsciously collected a lot of travel shots, scenic views, landscape views, aerial drone shots and intricate details of both fashion and architecture. The list is a pretty accurate representation of my interests and ambitions at the moment.

  1. @margaret__zhang

AUS. This post is seriously cool. It’s the first Instagram short film that I’ve come across and I think it’s so clever. Margaret Zhang is so creative and always at the front of new trends/ideas.

  1. @temperleylondon

UK. What’s not to love about an iridescent sequinned jumpsuit? I need this outfit in my life! Love the styling, especially the animal print block heels. I liked this photo because of the striking composition and eye-catching texture and colours.   

3. @demasrusli

AUS. Taking crazy edits to the next level. I love this inception-like collage of moments from Hong Kong. The caption makes me happy; ‘the power of imagination makes us infinite’. This is probably the most interesting post I’ve seen in a while. I spent quite a few minutes looking at this image taking it all in.

  1. @pat_kay

AUS. Stunning aerial shots like this always capture my attention. The scene itself is beautiful, but for me it’s the lighting and composition of this image that got me. It’s a picture that allows your eye to take in the whole scene before settling on the striking angular pool wall. I can’t decide if this image is of a cold or warm scene/moment/environment – it’s a bit unsettling in that respect, but I feel like that’s part of what makes it such an intriguing photo.

  1. @ritchieollie

AUS. If this breathtaking image isn’t enough to make you slightly emotional, the caption will definitely ensure you stop and think about how you are currently feeling. Reflecting on broader issues taking place in the world right now, this is a well-timed, calm pause for contemplation. The energy and wildness of the water is a reminder that life may be complex, but more than anything it is a wonder to behold.


The accounts mentioned above are some of my very favourites on instagram at the moment. Are there any instagram accounts that you just can’t live without? Go ahead and share them in a comment below – would love to see what inspires you.

Thanks for reading!


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