Friday Five: Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia

Friday Five: Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia (Sydney)

It’s been a very exciting week for fashion in Australia this week with Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia (MBFWA) taking place in Sydney. I wasn’t able to make it to Sydney to see any of the shows, but in this day and age of live videos and numerous social media platforms, who needs to physically attend fashion shows anyway?? The fashion world is literally at our fingertips!

This week for my Friday Five I have chosen to list my top 5 collections out of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia. It was tough to narrow down the list to just five shows – my original shortlist had 10 collections and I love them each of them. I might have to do a few other separate posts about the other shows because I feel like I need to document how cool they were too. 

  1. Steven Khalil Resort ’18. I managed to catch this show on a facebook live video stream. I felt completely immersed in the atmosphere of the show even though I was seeing it through my laptop screen. Dreamy visions of whimsy and opulence graced the runway in a beautiful spectrum of colours. The flowery set design and lineup of garments were reminiscent of Parisian Couture shows, especially with the grand wedding gown conclusion – a nod to revered couture tradition. A confident display of style and creative vision.

  2. Macgraw Resort ’18. Contrasting against a moody red set, Macgraw’s collection is fun, preppy and youthful. The high collared blouse came up in numerous sartorial iterations and I love that this was a major theme in projecting the collection. The pieces are extremely wearable and represent a playfulness freed from conformity.

  3. Mariam Seddiq Resort ’18. Monochromatic dressing for the ambitious go-getters of the world. I love the easily interchangeable separates that allow each piece to live out multiple functions. The effortlessly cool vibe of this collection tempts me to think that even I should give this minimalism a try.

  4. Albus Lumen Resort ’18. Very coastal, very chic. Basically the definition of Australian resort style: barefooted and carefree.

  5. Yousef Akbar Resort ’18. Everything about this show I find distracting and fragmented, but in a very good way of course. The looks are so mysterious and intriguing, not to mention eclectic. I really just want to know the origins of how these tribal yet glitzy concepts came to exist. Also, I can’t not talk about the faceless hairy costumes – out of this world!



Thanks for reading!


Image credit:

Cover image: Albus Lumen Resort ’18. 

Steven Khalil Resort ’18 looks sourced from Vogue Australia.,42150?adkit_ref=/fashion/fashionShows/australian

Macgraw Resort ’18 looks sourced from Vogue Australia.,42157?adkit_ref=/fashion/fashionShows/australian

Mariam Seddiq Resort ’18 looks sourced from Vogue Australia.,42208?adkit_ref=/fashion/fashionShows/australian

Albus Lumen Resort ’18 looks sourced from Vogue Australia.,42148?adkit_ref=/fashion/fashionShows/australian

Yousef Akbar Resort ’18 looks sourced from Vogue Australia.,42195?adkit_ref=/fashion/fashionShows/australian


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