Best Looks at Chanel Resort ’18

I always enjoy seeing what designers come up with for Resort collections.
As a little girl I remember going through Vogue magazines and finding all the resort clothes and comparing them to regular seasonal collections. I was trying to work out why I enjoyed the clothes in resort a lot more than other collections. Perhaps it was the idea of exotic holidays in the sun, and parading fancy clothes in exciting far away places.

Today, I still love to look at Resort shows and I dream of being able to travel somewhere exotic and wear extravagant designer clothing. The fashion industry has well and truly succeeded in encouraging people to aspire to the ideal of having and doing it all. 

The Chanel Resort ’18 (a.k.a Chanel Cruise ’18) show, held on the 3rd of May was shown at the Grand Palais in Paris, set to a theme of Ancient Greece. There were gladiator sandals and grecian draped dresses – not new ideas but executed impeccably nonetheless. The colour palette represented a spectrum of colours derived from building materials of the ancient world; limestone, granite, marble, clay, charcoal. Chanel signatures were sprinkled throughout the show, most notably as variations of the tweed suit with raw edges. 
I have really mixed feelings about this show. The very literal interpretation of the ancient theme led the collection to a confusing and impermanent place. The fashion world is always craving the new and the innovative, and it’s up for debate whether Chanel presented much to satisfy this appetite. 

There were lots of lovely items, however, and here are my favourite looks from the show.

*images sourced from: Vogue Australia Chanel Resort 18, accessed 8 May 2017,,42043?adkit_ref=/fashion/fashionShows/readyToWear


4 thoughts on “Best Looks at Chanel Resort ’18

  1. Gorgeous post, hun! Love those clothes by Chanel. Chanel is one of my absolite favorites, apart from Rochas, Oscar de la Renta and Nina Ricci! Good writing too, hun. You are a great blogger!!

    If you want to see some fabulous outfit pairings and fashion show reviews, you should click this link to my blog, view and come and follow me:

    It is as fabulous and classic as Chanel itself. With a bit of innovation and sass thrown in for good measure!!!


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