Friday Five: Youtube Edition

Welcome to edition number 13 of Friday Five. In the spirit of launching my youtube channel a few days ago (embelievable), this week’s Friday Five is a list of my favourite youtubers/youtube channels at the moment. 

  1. MoreZoella by Zoella 

As much as I love the Zoella main channel, I think I prefer the regular vlog musings of Zoe Sugg’s interesting life.

  1. Mark Ferris

Mark Ferris’s channel is fun and light, but completely real. He comes across as a really genuine person who loves a good laugh.

  1. Sean Elliott OC

Sean Elliott OC’s channel has a little bit of everything. Quite chatty and very upbeat.

  1. Ollie Ritchie

I wish I discovered this channel sooner. The cinematography and story-telling are 10/10.

  1. Ilikealison

Ilikealison is a very conversational channel not afraid to delve into deep topics.


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