Style Story: Sequined Jeans


A trend that I am loving very much at the moment is embellished denim, specifically sequin jeans. It’s a trend that’s never really gone away over the years, and I know that I always find myself going back to it. In fact at any one time, I can guarantee that there is at least one embellished item in my wardrobe.

Naturally, sequins are one of my favourite types of embellishment to wear. I love how they brighten things up and add a little bit of interest. Sequins have always been special to me. As a little kid I used think it was REAL magic when the light sparkled off a group of sequins. Like dancing fairies.

My sense of wonder at this sparkly phenomenon is still with me today, and I constantly find myself seeking out the sparkly and shiny things, much like a little magpie. On a recent trip to Topshop, I was so excited to see how many sparkly things there were in store. My initial task was to find a pair of embroidered jeans, but I managed to fall in love with something entirely different… High waisted jeans with sequins, palm trees and FLAMINGOS! How could I say no?!





These jeans have become my new favourites. They’re my first pair of ‘mom’ jeans and I know I’m a bit late to that party, but I find them to be so comfortable and easy to wear. I wish I got into them sooner. They’re a little on the summery side (maybe because of the tropical theme), so as winter approaches, I could wear decorative tights underneath them and also add a big bulky coat.


                  Jeans: Topshop Moto High Waisted Flamingo Sequined Mom Jeans

                  Top: Sportsgirl tank

                  Bag: Fablou Chelsea cruelty-free bag

                  Shoes: Mollini

Image credit: Emma Marija for Print On Print.



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