Friday Five

cj hendry-complimentary colours
CJ Hendry Complimentary Colours, 2017.


Welcome to edition number 11 of Friday Five. This week’s Friday Five is a list of arty things that I love – exhibitions I’ve been to and particular artists that I enjoy.

  1. CJ Hendry’s Complimentary Colours series. If you haven’t seen CJ Hendry’s work before, go have a look at it right now! At first glance, you might think her work is photography or painting, but every single piece is hand drawn to an incredible amount of detail. Last Tuesday she released Complimentary Colours – a series of 48 paint splatter DRAWINGS for sale to the general public. They all sold out in less than ten minutes.
  2. Paris Cinema by Serge Ramelli. I picked these up from YellowKorner while on holiday in Paris last year. Inside the striking yellow box is a set of black and white photographs. I was drawn to them because of their mysteriousness and drama.
  3. Jeff Wall Photographs exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, Sydney. I studied Jeff Wall in a first year art history class, and of all the art I have seen thus far, his photographs still stay so vivid in my memory. I remember staring at the photos for ages, absorbing the composition and narrative within. I was lucky enough to see an exhibition of Jeff Wall’s work at the Art Gallery of Western Australia in 2012.
  4. Alexander McQueen exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum, London. This is one of my favourite gallery/exhibition memories to date. I saw the exhibition in 2015 and was brought to tears upon seeing the workmanship, symbolism and how well curated the work of late Alexander McQueen was exhibited. It was a true and sincere tribute to the work of a genius.
  5. Viktor & Rolf: Fashion Artists at the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne. I saw this in February and it left me speechless. After only ever seeing Viktor & Rolf’s creations on the haute couture runways via computer screens, I was thrilled to see the masterpieces in real life. I never could have guessed how intricate and technical the details of the pieces were. As the title of the exhibition suggests, Viktor & Rolf’s designs well and truly blur the lines between fashion and art.


Clockwise from top left: Alexander McQueen exhibition book and butterfly token, Jeff Wall exhibition book, Paris Cinema photos from YellowKorner, CJ Hendry Complimentary Colours, Viktor & Rolf exhibition postcard and ticket.

 Thanks for reading!


  • CJ Hendry, Complimentary Colours, 2017, pencil on canvas. Sourced from
  • Dufour, Gary, Isobel Crombie, Mark Bolland. Jeff Wall Photographs. Melbourne, Australia: National Gallery of Victoria, 2012.
  • Marchetti Luca. Viktor & Rolf: Fashion Artists. Melbourne, Australia: National Gallery of Victoria, 2017.
  • Serge Ramelli, Paris Cinema, black and white photography.
  • Wilcox, Claire. Alexander McQueen. London, United Kingdom: V & A Publishing, 2015.

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