Friday Five

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Welcome to edition number TEN of Friday Five. I can’t believe I’m already up to edition 10! Print On Print has been going for 10 weeks now; things have been a little patchy lately so thanks for bearing with me while I get myself organized. This week’s Friday Five list is a mix of different things that I found interesting and inspiring over the last seven days.

1. Selena Gomez on the cover of American Vogue. Just wow! Selena is looking so beautiful and strong. The floral print crop-top she’s wearing is by Michael Kors and it’s a really lovely colour on her. I’m going to have to track down a way to read the interview about Selena and how she is coping with her health issues – I think her story is inspirational and courageous, and it will be able to help lots of other people find their way to work things out and get better.


2. White Feather fine jewellery. I was lucky enough to have been given a beautiful pair of earrings by this Singapore based brand as a gift from my godmother. White Feather jewellery is delicate and each piece symbolically tells a story. Everything is handmade, making each item a unique artisan piece. Their Instagram page is really well curated to show off their products as well as some behind-the-scenes bits. I can’t wait to purchase other pieces from them in the near future.Website:


3. Green Light by Lorde. It seems totally fitting to write about something with ‘green’ in the title on St Patrick’s Day. Long awaited new music by Lorde, and my goodness, she has just blown everyone away. She has a unique and masterful style of music making and her voice is simply incredible. Not to mention the lyrics that carry so much more depth than a lot of other contemporary music at the moment.


4. This Works: Pillow Spray. My mum gave me this to try and it’s one of my favourite things at the moment. The scent is very subtle but present enough to relax the mind and promote easier falling asleep. Of all the sleep products I’ve tried, this one definitely works the best. I really want to buy a supersized bottle of it because the one I have currently is nearly finished.


  1. Honey web browser plugin/extension. This is the app I have been waiting for. Gone are the days of scouring the internet for promotional codes for your favourite online shopping destinations – Honey does all that for you. It automatically finds coupon codes for the shopping site and applies them to your order at the checkout. It doesn’t always work, and at the moment I think it’s very reliant on user contribution to source the codes but I can see this becoming an online shopping essential.


Thanks for reading!


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