Classic Flow Yoga

classic-flow-yoga-piafLast Sunday the 18th of February, I attended Classic Flow Yoga, an event within the Chamber Music Series of Perth International Arts Festival. Set amongst the lush, green gardens at the University of Western Australia, Classic Flow Yoga beckoned visitors to place their mat and absorb the surroundings. Birds were chirping their morning melodies and the slightest, gentlest breeze made its way through the leaves of trees on the outskirts of the grass clearing. The focus point of the clearing was the unimposing central stage with a grand piano and cello blending into the dark green backdrop of foliage. Fairy light garlands radiating from the centre column on the grass lent a magical and enchanting tone to the event.

At 7am, the soft hubbub of chatter subsided as Sydney based yoga expert Lara Zilibowitz made her introduction. From this moment onwards, the crowd remained reverently silent until the conclusion of the practice ninety minutes later.

The music started a few minutes after Lara began the session, and I almost didn’t notice that it had begun – it felt so completely and naturally integrated with the yoga flow. Throughout the session, I experienced a mixture of feelings associated with being in a state of noticing my surroundings and then feeling completely disconnected or detached from it all, almost as if I was watching it from afar. Maybe this was an out-of-body experience induced by true meditative relaxation: I couldn’t really understand it. At moments when I was aware of the music, I noticed how delicate and encouraging it was. Each phrase of the music coincided with the phrases of the yoga, permitting a complete experience of engagement of all the senses at once. There was a moment when I felt overcome with joyous emotion, and I could feel my eyes watering. Ave Maria was accompanying our sun salutations and I just couldn’t believe how connected I felt to the experience. Thankfully there was nobody looking to see the emotions coming out of my face.

It is truly amazing how a bit of yoga can transform the way we feel. Classic Flow Yoga was a high-level meditation experience that I won’t forget. The multisensory aspect of the program was soul awakening and I now feel refreshed and ready to make the most of living in every moment.

The best thing is that I can re-live this event as it was recorded and will be released by the ABC as part of their free downloadable podcast series Classic Flow Yoga – a great virtual alternative for busy yoga lovers.

Link to free podcasts:

Lara Zilibowitz’s ABC profile:–zilibowitz/7795326

Lara Zilibowitz’s website:

Perth International Arts Festival:

Musicians: Adam Pinto – piano and Sophie Curtis – cello. 

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