Friday Five

Welcome to edition number six of Friday Five. This week it’s a list of my favourite wanderlust influencing books. If I ever feel like I need an escape and can’t actually go on another holiday yet, all I have to do is open one of these books and I instantly feel better. Although, having said that, they kind of just make me want to drop everything and go travelling. Wanderlust: it’s a funny little thing.
Three of the books are fully illustrated stories and two are photographic works. All of them make excellent coffee table reads, and they inspire me with dreams of far away places.

  1. New York Through a Fashion Eye by Megan Hess. Australian fashion illustrator Megan Hess is so talented and inspires so many people with her very fashionable and classy style of art. This book is an illustrated guide sharing places to see and things to do while in the Big Apple. The scenes and outfits are so aesthetically pleasing and convey a glamourized fairytale of life in the city. If you’ve never seen Megan Hess’ work, go look at it right now! Her Instagram feed is dazzling.
  2. Ruby Red Shoes Goes to Paris by Kate Knapp. My mum bought me this gorgeous book for my birthday a couple of years ago. It’s a really cute illustrated story about a white hare named Ruby who embarks on a big journey to Paris. The tone and mood of the story is uplifting and appeals to everyone, from young children to grown adults. This book continues to make me smile, cry (in a good way) and long to go exploring the world every time I read it.
  3. Paris Sketchbook by Jason Brooks. An illustrated delight filled with sketches of Paris. It’s Jason Brooks’ visual diary of his best memories and moments in the City of Light. Broken into several chapters, the collection of individual sketches turn into a unique travel guide.
  4. In & Out of Paris: Gardens of Secret Delights by Zahid Sardar and photographs by Marion Brenner. A photographic documentation of stunning gardens throughout Paris. Some of the gardens are open to the public, most are private ones hidden out of sight. So much luscious greenery. It’s like reading a book that gives you a fresh burst of air with every page turn.
  5. Hrvatska: Jadranski Arhipelag Priča Priče edited by Mirjana Tepšić. With my imperfect understanding of the language, I gather that this Croatian title translates to “Croatia: Adriatic Archipelago Telling Stories”. The photographs of the Croatian Islands in this book are absolutely captivating and the stories that go with them are equally intriguing. Every time I open this book I find myself absorbing (staring at) a photo for a good few minutes at a time.    


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  • Hess, Megan. New York Through a Fashion Eye. Melbourne, Australia: Hardy Grant Books, 2016.
  • Knapp, Kate. Ruby Red Shoes Goes to Paris. Sydney, Australia: HarperCollinsPublishers, 2013.
  • Brooks, Jason. Paris Sketchbook. London, England: Laurence King Publishing Ltd., 2013.
  • Sardar, Zahid, and Marion Brenner. In & Out of Paris: Gardens of Secret Delights. Layton, United States: Gibbs M. Smith Inc., 2014.
  • Tepšić, Mirjana, ed., and Krešimir Mićanovic, Mirjana Brabec, Mirna Rebac, and Mario Rebac, comp. Hrvatska: Jadranski Arhipelag Priča Priče. Split, Croatia: Hrvatski Hidrografski Institut, 2010.   



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