Dolce & Gabbana FW17 at Milan Fashion Week Men’s

The Dolce & Gabbana Men’s Fall/Winter 17 runway show was held on the 14th of January – day one of Milan Fashion Week Men’s. The location of the show was at the D&G commissioned renovation of Metropol, a former cinema revived by Milan based architecture firm Piuarch in 2005.

The show depicted a strong theme of royalty and extravagance, a seemingly recurring subject for D&G. The brand sought to represent and showcase today’s definition of royalty as something founded on the rise of social media fame.

The show created and received a lot of social media attention due to the stellar lineup of models walking in the show. Hashtags #dgmillennials and #dgprinces sent social media interaction into a frenzy. The show instantly became accessible and relatable to an entire generation of savvy youth, despite the fact that this millennial audience couldn’t possibly be the primary consumer for purchasing the clothes. Targeting the aspirational traits of the generation, D&G successfully broadened it’s range of potential consumers.

Social media influencer Cameron Dallas opened the show in a deep burgundy brocade three-piece suit. He appeared later in the finale, along with the entire cast, in sleek black. This time, however, he was wearing a crown in a symbolic ‘king of social media’ moment. Other models also had been crowned, embodying the #dgprinces theme of the show.

Other notable public figures walking in the show include: Sofia Richie in an oversized (overwhelming) brown coat, youtuber Marcus Butler in black, musician-turned-fashion-designer Tinie Tempah in oriental quilted brocade, Cindy Crawford’s son Presley Gerber in red velvet, model Lucky Blue Smith in black, vlogger Jim Chapman in floral (silk pyjamas with dressing gown anyone?), Jude Law’s son Rafftery Law in an appliquéd denim jacket, and performances by pop star Austin Mahone. Click through the images below to see who’s who.

Furry animal features – backpacks, gloves and hoodies – were a bit of fun and reference the uniqueness of Japanese street-stylers. Variations of intricate brocade fabrics offered a depiction of wealth derived from bygone eras. Hints of military style are sprinkled throughout the collection, highlighting the importance of function but not at the cost of visual appeal.



Overall, the collection was classic Dolce & Gabbana in clean, distinct lines and silhouettes, with attention paid to the details and textiles. I admired the concept of celebrating social media royalty and it was genius to feature influencers who through their own channels and self-promotion distributed the veins of Dolce & Gabbana deeper into the digital world. The beginnings of a rather strategic rebrand for the label, this show is the realization that digital and social media is a major, if not the primary influence of the fashion industry.


Photos sourced from Dolce & Gabbana.


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